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Finding peace in the quiet at Vision of Peace Hermitages

Mary Jane Gresham discusses how she and her husband, John, chose to become live-in caretakers at Vision of Peace Hermitages, downsizing from their five-bedroom home in St. Charles to a one bedroom apartment situated below the chapel and meeting space on the grounds. Gresham states that she felt a call in her life to become "less of a consumer." Situated on a wooded plot a half mile back from the road, the hermitages are a retreat space for individuals seeking solitude and quiet. "This day and age it really is true that we do not have to be silent ever," Gresham added. Seven of the nine units were built out of the hillside and feature only basic amenities. Built for a sole occupant, the hermitages can be rented for $40 a night or $20 for the day.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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